About Me!

Hi, my name is Elyse and I love dogs! My passion for all animals started from a very young age and I always knew that animals would be a big part of my life.

I have been working in the dog industry from 2013 and during that time I have built up a wealth of knowledge in relation to grooming, exercise, obedience and behaviours. I am currently undertaking further study on canine behaviours. I believe this knowledge allows me to give your pets the best possible experiences on their adventures with Get Your Dog Walking.

In my spare time I am devoted to my two dogs, Scooter, who is a shy and loveable border collie and Ralph, a bundle of Siberian Husky muscle and energy! Together we love fly ball, sheep herding, agility games and everyday adventures.

Local Testimonials

My dogs absolutely love and adore Elyse. She is so kind and patient with them and she gives them so much attention. I can't think of anyone that loves dogs more than Elyse.

Elyse is amazing with Ivy!! I love the personal attention, regular updates, photos, and videos...I never miss out on Ivy's adventures with Get Your Dog Walking.

Hi I would totally recommend Elyse. She is lovely and my dog Bruce loves her. I've done my back in so cant walk him at the moment.


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