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Are you looking for an adventure that will leave your furry friend wagging their tail with excitement? Get Your Dog Walking offers a first-class dog walking service in Reservoir, Victoria! Meet Elyse, an experienced dog walker who is dedicated to providing a personalized experience for your dog.

Elyse will take your dog on a journey through some of Reservoir's most beautiful dog-friendly parks and reserves, such as Edwardes Lake Park and C.J. Cannon Reserve, where your dog can run free, sniff new scents, and make new friends. She'll tailor the walk to your dog's individual needs and training, making sure that they have the most fun and enjoyable experience possible. From running and playing, to exploring new sights and smells, your dog will love every moment of the adventure with Elyse.

At Get Your Dog Walking, we understand how important your dog is to you, which is why we make sure they are in safe hands at all times. Elyse is an experienced dog walker, familiar with the area, and you can have peace of mind knowing that your dog is getting the best possible care while you're away. Don't wait any longer, book your dog's first adventure with Elyse today and watch them thrive in the beautiful parks and reserves of Reservoir!

Our Services

Why our customers dogs are so happy to see us!

Melbourne dog walker with group of dogs socialising and playing at Yarra Bends Park.
Our Group Dog Adventures

Letting dogs run, play, socialise, explore and all the other "Crazy" things dogs love to do!

Our Group Dog Adventures

Group dog walk at local creek, dogs playing and swimming at Yarra Bends Park.
Young dog learning skills by sitting at road with dog walker.

Our Private Focused Walks

Puppy dogs playing gentle and learning socialisation skills by dog walker.
Our Private Focused Walks

Slower walk for the older dog or training for the younger ones.

Your Dog Walking Team

Who will love your dog *almost* as much as you do.

Dog Adventurer Elyse

Your dog walker

Meet Elyse, the founder of Get Your Dog Walking. Along with my trusty companions Scooter and Ralph, I noticed a gap in the market for fun and stimulating experiences for dogs during the day. So we started our own company to fill that need.

Dogs have always been my passion, and I am constantly learning everything I can about them. In my free time, I am dedicated to my two beloved canines, Scooter, a timid yet affectionate Border Collie, and Ralph, a bundle of energy in the form of a Siberian Husky. Together, we have enjoyed fly ball, sheep herding, agility training, and daily adventures.

Dog Adventurer Jake and Charlie

Your substitute dog walker

Meet Jake and Charlie, professional dog walkers passionate about nature, who ensure your furry friend gets the exercise, socialization, and love they need through exciting nature trail and park adventures.

Adventure Gallery

Daily photos of our dogs on their adventures.

Aussie Shepherd puppy being cute.
Dogs playing at creek, Gardeners Creek, Melbourne.
German shepherd with ball on field.
Dog having fun playing with stick.
Dog playing on rocks at the river. Darebin Creek Melbourne.
Dogs exploring grass at Banksia Park Melbourne.
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