About our dog walking adventures in Templestowe

Get Your Dog Walking have been providing professional, caring and fully insured group and private dog walking adventures in Templestowe.

Our dog walking adventures offered in Templestowe offer your four legged friend the ability to run, play, chase, splash, fetch and explore some of Melbourne's best dog walking locations, whilst building their social skills with hand selected dogs in our pack.

Our professional doggy adventurers collect your dog from your home in Templestowe. We then return them home safely fully exercised and undoubtedly ready for a nap.

Your Doggy Adventurer Team

Adventurer Luke

Your personal doggy adventurer

Hey Luke here, I am Elyse's Partner and helped her found Get Your Dog Walking back in the beginning but until now mainly done the paperwork and only spent my weekends and holidays as a Doggy Adventurer. To me, we are all about getting my dogs out and making sure they have fun and smiles.

My dogs Scooter (Border Collie) and Ralph (Siberian Husky) are definitely a part of the family, we even have weekend sports activities with them. My favourite is Sheep Herding with Scooter, its amazing watching Scooter work the sheep so natural and work with me on improving my skills as being a sheep herding handler because he definitely knows what he is doing, I am doing all the learning.

Adventurer Angela

Your backup Adventurer.

Hello, my name is Angela, Dogs have all ways been an important part of my life. After school, I studied dog grooming, Though I enjoyed the interactions with the dogs I was wanting to spend more quality time with them, which is why I love taking dogs out on their dog walking adventures.

Some of our favourite places.

Fenced Off-Lead

Aranga Reserve

Arranga Reserve dog park is a fully fenced dog park with enough room to throw a ball. There is agility equipment for you to play around with. There is a smaller area for the dogs who are still learning.


Gardiners Creek Reserve

Gardiners Creek Reserve is a complete dog off lead area, it runs a long side gardiners creek with a few entry points for the dogs to go for swims. Its a popular area to meet other, but there is many little fields so if you want you can find your own private peice of paradise.


Blackburn Lake Sanctuary

Blackburn lake sanctuary is a great walk with your dog on lead. There are many paths that cut through the bush lands for you and your dog to explore.

See for yourself!

We take photographs on our dog walking adventures around Melbourne every day.

Dogs exploring grass at Banksia Park Melbourne.
German shepherd with ball on field.
Dog having fun playing with stick.
Dog playing on rocks at the river. Darebin Creek Melbourne.
Aussie Shepherd puppy being cute.
Dogs playing at creek, Gardeners Creek, Melbourne.

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